Must-see Gambling Inspired Movies

Gambling is known to be addictive especially when one goes on a winning streak. Surely, who doesn’t want to keep on raking up those wins? The answer is simply no one but whether we like it or not, sometimes it’s good to take a break regardless of whether we are enjoying a winning streak or not.

If you want to keep your brain glued to gambling though actually not spinning the reels or outsmarting your opponents on the poker table, there are a number of ways that you can achieve this including grabbing a gambling inspired movie. Not only will you refresh your mind away from the casino floor but you also stand to learn a tip or two that you can use on your next visit to a UK casino that accepts PayPal deposits.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

1This movie finds itself first on this list owing to one thing i.e. the majority of the action in this game takes place on the poker table meaning you get to learn a lot of poker tips and tricks from watching it.

Not only this but you also get to learn a thing or two about etiquette to observe on the casino floor and poker table. This movie was released all the way back in 2003 and it’s still regarded as one of the best gambling themed movie.

The story centres on the life of one man, Stu Ungar, a man who is committed (some would say addicted) to the game of poker.

Besides sleeping, Stu spends most of his time on the poker table. He is not the greatest player in the world but due to sheer determination, Stu manages to rise to the top echelons of success in the poker industry.


2Casino is revered worldwide. This movie tries to portray in the best possible way life in Las Vegas.

In order to do this, the movie comes with two main characters. Both of these characters have a shady past as they were a part of a ruthless mob when they first started gambling in Las Vegas. However, after some time they find themselves on different wavelengths.

One character is on a path of reformation. He still views gambling as his favourite hobby and preferred form of earning money but he wants to adopt a new way of doing business.

Instead of cheating his way to winning, this character wants to engage in gambling in an ethical and morally good way. On the other hand, the second character is still very much involved in the dark side and his ambition is to continue as a mobster.

These two characters clash and only one emerges victorious.

Ocean’s Eleven

3aOcean’s Eleven is a gambling themed movie that was released in 2001.

This movie differs from other movies on this list in that it doesn’t focus on a few individuals deeply embroiled in casino dealings, rather, it’s all about a group that plans to execute casino heists.

The aim at the start is that the group executes three heists at different casinos all at the same time. With a perfectly laid out plan, the group successfully executes all three heists.

Greedy however soon consumes some of the group members and they force the group to plan another heist. However, this time, things go horribly wrong.

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