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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 review

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 commits the cardinal sin of comedy – it's just not funny. Not only that, it's boring, so boring in fact that I resented it stealing precious and finite hours from me that could've been spent drying paint with the heat of my breath or dunking my head underwater until I return to the source of all things.

my big fat greek wedding 2 2016 DVDAlthough it was corny, The first Big Fat Greek Wedding was an earnest film about a Greek American woman, Toula (Nia Vardalos), and her experience of the Greek diaspora. Even with some obvious jokes, some of which may have been lost on me due to not sharing that heritage, it still had heart... oh and it was actually funny, which helped. This movie on the other hand and its 'plot' are so paper-thin that shining any light on it renders it translucent.

Everything about this movie is bland, especially the pointless plot; Toula's father, Gus (Michael Constantine), finds out that he and his wife, Maria (Lainie Kazan) were never actually married due to complications with their priest. Maria refuses to remarry Gus unless he poses on one very stubborn knee. All the while, Toula's stroppy teenager, Paris (Elena Kampouris) is embarrassed by her Greek family, much to the neurotic consternation of Toula. Toula and her husband Ian (John Corbett) set about righting all that is wrong with the family.

The film fails to be anything other than a horrible simulacrum of the first movie; like an executive watched it with a catchphrase filter on. Its light entertainment of the worst kind, like watching the BBC on a Sunday when all the old-people shit comes on - sorry song's of praise, but not today, not on my watch!

I initially thought maybe it’s me? Maybe some of the jokes will play a lot harder to an audience with Greek heritage or those better versed in those cultural nuances. I'm sure there is definitely more joy to be derived if you're in on the jokes but I'm not sure that is the case with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. This movie is just not funny and chiefly because it takes no risks, everything is so safe.

Director, Kirk Jones, presides over what is the cottage cheese of comedies but without the decency of dropping in a couple of pineapple chunks to help you forget your meal is the consistency of baby-vomit. This movie is baby vomit. Plus the guffawing, anarchic style, endless upbeat nature, 'zaniness', and ceaseless music make it seem like a 90 minute advert for some kind of Greek credit card or insurance product. 

This movie is a sequel in meme form, different jokes from the first movie are thrown at you but without the context that made them funny; never ending, lame joke after lame joke till your soul has eroded into dust and you are nothing but a husk of a man hoping for anything, ANYTHING that might make you feel alive again.

EXTRAS: Very much a mixed bag. There is a terrible gag reel that feels like it lasts an hour but is only actually three minutes – proving that time really is relative. The round table interview feature comes off across like an informercial or an episode of The View. Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Joey Fatone and more share anecdotes about the context of the first movie's success and how this movie was made and seem genuinely charismatic and funny, you can see the amazing chemistry and love they have with each other. The "making of" is way more entertaining than the actual movie but that doesn't mean its good, just relatively less boring than the feature film.

Daniel Akinbola is a Screenjabber contributor

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