Nip/Tuck: Season 5 (DVD)

Nip/Tuck falls into the category of ‘medical drama’, but really, it falls into a category of its own. Heavily affected by the writers’ strike, part 1 of season 5 was broadcasted in 2007 and the second part in 2009, resulting in this late release date. With a mammoth twenty-two episodes, the series returns with more glamour, money, tack and plastic than ever before. If you thought Nip/Tuck had exhausted every ridiculous storyline possible, you have not seen anything, until you see this series. Here is a little commentary of the season, which does not actually give any insight into the bigger storylines that are shockingly outrageous. 

Season 5 sees Sean McNamara (Walsh) and Christian (Julian McMahon) relocate McNamara/Troy to Los Angeles. A clever move that should open a Pandora’s box of clients, but the lives of the main cast (who all manage to move over from Miami) overshadow. Julia and Sean are divorced and Portia de Rossi stars as Julia’s new significant other. AnnaLynne McCord plays de Rossi’s overtly sexual daughter Eden, future porn star and potential murderer. Matt (Hensley) and Kimber (Carlson) have split up, with Matt left with a drug addiction and Kimber returning to porn.

In short, with no business, Sean and Christian are hired as medical consultants for a soap opera. Sean winds up a star on the show and Christian is desperate to match Sean’s fame. Sean and Christian have further rivalry leading to the return of Gina and an affair involving Julia (one later dies and the other is shot). Matt finds true love, only to discover the worst. Sean meets a new agent, portrayed by Sharon Gless, who gives the best performance of the season. Gless’ storyline cannot be missed. It is truly Nip/Tuck at its ridiculous best, and honestly, something that I believe will only be seen once on television. To say the least, part one is not even borderline believable. Ryan Murphy went really wild there, and the fun does not stop in part two.

Sean teaches at medical school, picks up a prodigy and dates a student with an unusual fetish. Christian suffers from an unlikely disease, leading him to have an unexpected relationship. Julia moves to New York with Annie and Connor. There’s a little enhancement for a toddler. Sean dates the wild new anaesthetist (Sackhoff). The series ends almost happily with a wedding, and some news that makes me feel like I’ve been watching a drawn out plot filler... But still leaves me excited for the next season. Notable patients include Jennifer Coolidge, Rosie O’Donnell, Elaine Hausman (all as returning characters), Chi Muoi Lo (as a tree trunk man) and Misha Collins.

Nip/Tuck has really pushed the boat out. Mildly believable drama has been replaced with the superfluous. It is highly enjoyable with a tolerable, open mind and an acceptance for the ludicrous. The acting, directing and production of this series are faultless. Those a fan of the plastic surgery scenes, the lavish sets and the music will also not be disappointed at all. Additionally, despite the actors growing older, this series has managed to fit more sex in than ever before. I desperately want to criticise the preposterous stories of season five, but it is so unbelievably entertaining and the ultimate escape on the sofa. If you are a fan, you will love season five. If you’re not, you will still find this highly entertaining. Nonetheless, it is unsurprising that after this season, Nip/Tuck has begun winding down, with Ryan Murphy now concentrating on Glee. 

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