Not Easily Broken

A terrible relationship drama featuring a predominantly African-American cast, this dreary effort strives for substance and significance but merely comes across as soapy and saccharine. Morris Chestnut plays a former baseball hotshot who never fulfilled his early promise, now working as a self-employed builder/decorator in an affluent area of LA and spending his free time coaching the little leaguers in the sport. He's married to his childhood sweetheart (Henson), now a real estate agent too career-minded to want children, much to his disappointment and disatisfaction. A traffic accident in which she is injured makes them reassess the state of their union, especially when her argumentative mother (Lewis) moves in to help.

He also develops feelings for a single mother (Quinlan) whose young son shows an interest in baseball. Tragedy strikes however and his  caring attitude towards them further upsets his domestic situation. This scenario would be perfectly serviceable if it had a convincing script. Unfortunately, the gifted and very able players are saddled with  trite situations and relentlessly cliched dialogue, mouthing earnest and squirm-inducing platitudes. Plot developments are highly predictable and the whole enterprise has a plastic and unrealistic air about it. Worthy intentions, woeful result.

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