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Corden's impish charm is fully displayed here in this cute and crowd pleasing biopic of Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts. Corden plays him initially as a down trodden loser, bullied by a nasty school mate (Gravelle) and with no experience of women. That is until he meets Julia (a lovely turn from Roach) who gives him the confidence to make more of his life than working in Carphone Warehouse.

This is not a realistic depiction of the talented opera singer's life. It's basic and broad, buttons correctly pushed to exact the requisite tears and laughter at his plight. Escaping Port Talbot he trains in Venice - the makers certainly know how to make use of this gorgeous city – and partners beautiful Alessandra (Bilello) before giving way to acute nerves in front of Pavarotti. Back home further tribulations befall him, such as an appendectomy followed by a car collision. All of this is sugar coated though to make it welcomingly palatable. The hardships are winningly overcome, cliches abounding with cheerful exuberance.

It will entertain a Saturday night audience fresh from watching whatever pap Simon Cowell has perpetrated. One Chance achieves everything it sets out to do – it's high spirited, good natured and unashamedly manipulative. Fans of Britain's Got Talent should lap it up, while others unfamiliar with the show will be hard pressed not to succumb to its relentlessly ingratiating bonhomie.

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