Poseidon review (Blu-ray)

A luxury liner. A cast of familiar faces. A big New Year’s Eve party. What could possibly go wrong? As in the original The Poseidon Adventure – and several other cruise-based thrillers we could name – the answer to the above is really quite a lot.

Sideswiped by a rogue wave, the aforementioned luxury liner is flipped over leaving people with a tough (and slightly punky) question to answer: should they stay or should they go?

While many decide to stay in the main dining room, a group of passengers – Kurt Russell’s former fireman-turned-New York mayor, his daughter Emmy Rossum, professional gambler Josh Lucas etc – decide to take their chances with flash fires, broken lifts and millions of gallons of seawater and “climb” to the bottom of the boat. That’s about it.

And, while it’s not quite as charming as the original – Lucas and Russell can growl satisfactorily but they’re not Gene Hackman – the advances in special effects since 1972, Petersen’s typically solid direction and a refreshing disregard for several characters, make this a pretty efficient disaster movie.  

EXTRAS ★★ Assorted documentaries – Poseidon: A ship on a soundstage, A Shipmate’s Diary, Poseidon: Upside Down and a History Channel documentary about rogue waves. All pretty pedestrian really.

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