The Reaping

What is going on with horror movies at the moment? First of all, we don’t appear to have had that many. Secondly, what we’ve had has been derivative.

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I can see the Hollywood pitch meeting for this movie: “Imagine Rambo meets The Bourne Identity crossed with In The Line of Fire.” And that’s pretty much what you get.

Curse of the Golden Flower

What’s the old line? Never mind the quality, feel the width? For Zhang Yimou, the man behind martial art — with the emphasis on art — epics such as Hero...

Miami Vice

When an informant’s family ends up being relieved of their lives, the FBI sends Miami poilice officers Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs undercover in an attempt to root out the...


Oh Danny Boyle. A dazzling debut in Shallow Grave. A superb follow-up with Trainspotting. And then a downward spiral of quite alarming rapidity with A Life Less Ordinary (which was,...