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Davide Cantelmo

Davide Cantelmo is a Screenjabber contributor.
Italian, 22. Journalism student. Tech and TV series savvy. Loves comic books, pirates novels and good movies.

Three Fascinating Movies Where Currency is King

Money makes the world go around and, throughout cinema history, it has been a popular central theme of many stories.

5 of the Greatest TV Shows set in Las Vegas

What’s more fated for showbiz than Las Vegas? It’s fast, flashy, and fierce, basically everything you want from a city of sin.



Lu Over the Wall review

Director Masaki Yuasa offers a visual delight – but for all its flair, this aquatic adventure rings hollow





Atomic Blonde review

Spy thrillers always have convoluted, muddled plots that never quite add up. From Bond to Bourne and even the classic Le Carre and Tom Clancy stories, spy thrillers are exciting...



Wonder review

Simply put, Wonder is exactly what it says on the tin


Small-Screen Jabber 2-8 December

Louise Bolotin looks at what's coming up on the box – including Burning Bush, When Rock Arrived in North Korea: Liberation Day and Blood Ivory



Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D review

Even if you have seen T2 dozens of times already (and who hasn't?), this 3D version is very much worth a revisit

Simply Jawsome: Exploring the Appeal of Cult Shark-Themed Action Films

As anyone who’s seen Jaws knows, shark movies are pretty scary. They’re also pretty damn popular. Cult film followings seem to get a little weirder and more daring every year.

Casino Royale Tops Best Bond Film Poll

Casino Royale Tops Best Bond Film Poll The James Bond franchise has grossed over $7 billion worldwide, making it the fourth most successful film franchise of all time behind industry...