Louise Bolotin

Louise Bolotin

Louise Bolotin is Screenjabber’s TV critic. She has a penchant for quality drama and quirky documentaries, slums it with EastEnders and pities people who watch reality TV, which might be why she never writes about The X Factor.

Danny Says review

Danny Says is a documentary chronicles the iconic life and times of pivotal music industry player Danny Fields

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Lucy Orr attends An Evening With Bandai Namco Entertainment and gets a preview of the Japanese publisher's top 2017 titles ...

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It might be another year before we see the new Avengers film, but fans are already getting excited for when worlds collide in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Small-Screen Jabber 25 February – 3 March

Louise Bolotin looks at what's coming up on the box – including Broadchurch, The Secret Science of Pop, The Replacement and Sound Waves: the Symphony of Physics

A Cure For Wellness review

Gore Verbinski's grand and much-anticipated return to horror is far more focused on giving audience a scenic tour rather than a scare in a wholly tragic case of squandered potential

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So the Switch looks set to mark a return to form for Nintendo, and you’ve decided to buy one. But which games should you get to go with it?

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Nintendo Switch comes out next week with many questions surrounding it. Despite this, I'm all in. Why?

Apple Tree Yard review

If there’s two things Apple Tree Yard, adapted from Louise Doughty’s novel, isn’t short of, that’s pace and tension so it’s a shame it lacked credibility here and there.