Mike Marks

Mike Marks is a Screenjabber contributor


Free Fire review

Ben Wheatley's best effort yet. A hilarious and ridiculous thrill ride that pulls no punches and entertains from start to finish in a glorious shower of bullets

RetroJab: WWE Summerslam 1997

It's Summerslam week, and to celebrate we are looking back at some of the big Summerslam events from the past, starting with 1997

Two non blondes

Join the guys for reviews of two new UK cinema releases – Atomic Blonde and A Ghost Story – plus the home entertainment releases Free Fire, Kong: Skull Island and Ghost in the Shell


Small-Screen Jabber 12-18 August

Louise Bolotin looks at what's coming up on the box – including Quacks, Valkyrien, North Korea: Murder in the Family and Catching the Tax Dodgers



Shin Godzilla review

A resurgent Godzilla returns to UK screens in the newest Toho production Shin Godzilla, the first Japanese Godzilla production since 2004

Batman’s Ultimate Nemeses

Every hero needs a villain to go head to head with, and for the Caped Crusader there’s no better selection of dangerous and crazy characters to take down than those...



Fun Mom Dinner review

After the success of Bad Moms, a talented cast come together to go for some easy laughs and a few life lessons in Fun Mom Dinner

6 Bizarre Family Guy Facts That Will Surprise You

Since January 1999, the hit animated sitcom Family Guy has been satirising American culture, supplying filthy jokes, and presenting whacky storylines on our television screens.



Wakefield review

One marriage. Two children. What drives a man to walk away from his life and live in an attic above a garage?