Steve Boxer

Steve Boxer is Screenjabber's Games Editor. He is a veteran freelance journalist specialising primarily in video games, and he contributes regularly to The Guardian, Trusted Reviews, Empire, Pocket Lint and Digital Spy. Steve has also written for the likes of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Mirror, The Face, Edge and sleazenation. After acquiring an Atari VCS with its launch line-up of games in 1979, his youth was mostly mis-spent in the arcades. A lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan, he likes to DJ and build DIY analogue synths.




I Kill Giants review

The first full-length feature from Anders Walter ably adapts Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura's graphic novel into a simple yet profoundly effective film on adolescence, acceptance and facing one's demons, and no amount of misleading advertising can keep this one down



Love, Simon review

Love, Simon is monumental in its banality: a funny, heartfelt, genuinely entertaining movie that succeeds in treating its subject, ground-breaking for a mainstream film, with light-hearted simplicity, making it as relatable as it is fresh

A breed apart

Join Sarah Cook and Stuart O'Connor for reviews of new UK releases Thoroughbreds, Wonderstruck, Love Simon, Ghost Stories and A Quiet Place

Slammer Jabber April 5

Welcome to the bumper pre-Wrestlemania edition of Slammer Jabber 


Small-Screen Jabber 7-13 April

Louise Bolotin looks at what's coming up on the box – including Law and Order, Lost in Space, Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God of Ecstasy and Wannabe

Win tickets to the UK premiere of Blood & Glory

To mark the release of epic war drama Blood & Glory, we are giving away tickets to a special screening at London’s Regent Street Cinema



Ghost Stories review

Andy Nyman's attempt to bring his stage play to the big screen is a solidly-made send-up to old horror tropes – but is lacking in both genuine scares and meaningful substance



Killing Gunther review

Killing Gunther is a mockumentary following a group of inept assassins in search of  the most infamous killer of all time

The Cloverfield Multiverse

Let's face it: The Cloverfield Paradox was not a movie entirely fit for a big-screen release. But it was perfect for Netflix.