Resident Evil: The Final Chapter review

The biggest shock about Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is that it’s genuinely coherent. Ok, maybe just quasi-coherent, but by the end of the movie I actually had some semblance of what the fuck was actually going on - which makes this, by default, one of the best Resident Evil movies ever made.

But don't get your short hairs tangled, that is a moderately low bar. In this, hopefully, final Resident Evil movie, series stalwart, Alice (Milla Jovovic) is contacted by her old nemesis the Red Queen and given the key to ending the zombie apocalypse once and for all.

The usual dumb bullshit occurs over the course of the movie: stupid slow-motion gun fights, dumb backflips - all of the played-out excesses of the early 2000’s. However, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is more focused than the last few Resi movies. 

Alice is on one final road trip where she is joined by old series favourites, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and Dr Isaacs (Iain Glenn). The pace is brisk, the story is relatively simple and doesn’t jump too far up its own back-passage. Meaning, you can follow what is happening for the first time in the series. They also try things you haven’t seen in the series, like trying to build tension, being suspenseful and comprehensible to someone who hasn’t smoked a fat joint of 5th-dimensional weed. The movie ties up a lot loose ends in the unbelievably convoluted story and actually does a decent job of bringing everything full circle and making some sense of the utter madness that has been allowed to happen during the previous films.

Paul W.S Anderson makes a manic attempt to imbue this film with grindhouse sensibilities. It feels like he saw the amazing practical effects and jittery insanity of Mad Max and wanted to get him some of that sweet, sweet action.

For fans of the series, which I ashamedly count myself as one of, there are a lot of cool call backs to earlier entries - The Red Queen and the delightful laser grid make a welcome return.

Now regardless of how hard I have shit on this movie, I am actually a fan of the Resident Evil series and all of its over produced action. This is definitely one of the better ones and it’s well worth a shot on Blu-ray.

EXTRAS: There are a myriad of features on this Blu-Ray, mostly featurettes and banal PR exercises in showing us boring behind the scenes footage and the “motivations” behind the Stuns and Weapons. If you are super bored you can sit through this guff but I personally would save my time. The only thing that is worth watching is the feature on the new animated movie, Resident Evil Vendetta, which to a schlock fan like me looks pretty good. The bonus disc has more garbage on it that I wasn’t a fan of. You might be… Gets a thumbs up for having so much of it though. So have at it if you love this movie. Explore The Hive (04:00) A look at some of the locations from the movie. The Bad Ass Trinity & The omen of Resident Evil (06:00) An unspectacular look at the heroines of the resident evil series. Stunts and Weaponry (09:00) Basic look at how the over the top stunts were planned. Sneak Peak at Resident Evil: Vendetta (04:00) The only thing that is worth. A feature on the new animated movie, Resident Evil Vendetta, which to a schlock fan like me looks pretty good.

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