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A standard coming-of-age story decked with Mancunian accents, this one is set in 1990 when the Stone Roses did their legendary concert at Spike Island. Schoolmates Titch (Tittensor) and Dodge (Mirallegro) are best buddies, unruly and rebellious, who along with their mates, try to crash the concert as they are without tickets for it. The first half hour or so is immensely tedious as it introduces us to the lads. Titch's father is dying, Dodge is jealous of his success with girls, another chap has an unstable father who pressures him to join the army etc etc

But once on the road as they determinedly make their way to Cheshire, these Manchester devotees of the band become more tolerable and the narrative picks up some much needed pace and gusto. The chaos around the site as the concertgoers show up, and the boys' lack of success in getting in, is agreeably depicted, and though this effort offers nothing original in scripting and character, it nevertheless ends up being watchable enough if one is completely undemanding.

Fans of Game of Thrones might like to see Clarke in modern garb as the sweet and attractive girl Titch falls for. She;s personable enough in a role that requires little from her. Go with low expectations and this disposable romp will pass the time harmlessly.

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