Mass Effect: Andromeda review

BioWare’s first iteration of its revered space-opera RPG for the current-gen consoles is huge, epic, addictive and wondrous to behold. But it’s let down badly by glitches and dodgy facial animation

Mafia III review

2K Games’ story-heavy open-world gangster game impresses in several respects, but it is let down by curiously flat, repetitive gameplay

The Take review

Featuring plenty of action, The Take should satisfy your craving for Elba and excitement

Gears of War 4 review

A franchise-refresh bringing a much more imaginative single-player campaign, fabulous multiplayer and a significant Horde mode update restores Gears of War to its position as king of the third-person cover-shooters

Fallout 4: Far Harbour DLC review

A new case for the Valentine Detective Agency sees you drawn to Far Harbour island, but is the first substantial DLC for Fallout 4 lost at sea?

Doom review

Bethesda and id are spoiling us with this update of the gory, visceral classic that kickstarted the first-person shooter genre in 1993

EA announces Battlefield 1

The next version of the sandbox-style first-person shooter Battlefield will be set in World War I and is set to arrive on October 21

Just Cause 3 DLC

A guilty pleasure just became more enjoyable, thanks to some judicious new downloadable content