Andrea Riseborough

Mindhorn review

Sean Foley and Julian Barratt provide a zany, cheesy and yet commendably human comedy that stumbles here and here, but ultimately remains upright

The Silent Storm review

British actor Damian Lewis transforms into a crazy Scotsman for his latest lead role in the drama The Silent Storm

Oblivion review (Blu-ray)

Kosinski's second sci-fi actioner after Tron:Legacy is certainly a vast improvement on that snoozefest. Oblivion has an intriguing plot that unfolds unhurriedly.

Welcome to the Punch review

A brave stab at a fully-British action film, Welcome to the Punch is an ambitious step forward from writer/director Creevy’s first feature, 2008’s Shifty.

Shadow Dancer review

Journalist Bradby’s 1998 debut novel gets the big screen treatment in Marsh’s Shadow Dancer. Set in the months prior to the 1994 ceasefire, this British thriller is rooted within an...

W.E. review

Two scenarios: in one we see the true life account of Wallis Simpson (Riseborough), divorced American socialite abused by her first husband and bored with her second, succumbing to the...

Resistance review

Set in a the Welsh Valley in 1944-45, Resistance takes place in an alternate history where D-Day has failed and the German Army has successfully counter attacked and invaded the...

Made in Dagenham review (DVD)

In the interest of full disclosure, I should state now that not only am I middle-classed, but I'm also a bloody man.

Brighton Rock review ?

This was the Surprise Film at the 2010 London Film Festival. Ha ha. The poor suckers who were there that night doubtless couldn't have been pleased with what they sat through.

Happy-Go-Lucky (DVD)

There are some people who grace the Earth with glorious eccentricity, talking to strangers in shops, seemingly awkward in their confidence that everyone has the ability to get along, or...