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A Silent Voice review

Naoko Yamada's adaptation of a controversial manga gives us a revealing tale of the reality of bullying and an emotional road to atonement that transcends the niche of animated films

The Shop Around The Corner review

I must admit, going in to watch this film the only thing I knew was it's the basis for You've Got Mail, the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film.


Seven Cesar awards, including Best Film, Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay, seems a bit over-the top for this straightforward costume drama.

Monsters vs Aliens 3D

Apologies in advance for another of my "how-good-are-3D-films-getting" rants, but I honestly can't help myself. Because it's true – as digital filmmaking technology gets better and cheaper, the films improve...

Get Smart

Seldom has a movie had so many good things going for it and failed so miserably, yet such is the case with Get Smart, the latest in a long line...