Benedict Cumberbatch

Zoolander 2 review

Zoolander 2 is all very silly and, 15 years on, probably quite pointless. But it's fun enough for the average Saturday-night-in-with-beer-and-pizza

Black Mass review

The true story of Whitey Bulger, brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston

Zoolander 2 review

It's always hard to recapture the magic. Comedy sequels – especially those that come may years after the original – rarely work as well as the first film did (Anchorman...

August: Osage County review (Blu-ray)

Streep is certainly firing on all cylinders in this one. As drug-addicted cancer patient Violet she spews forth vitriol to her adult siblings with passionate glee, by turns a monstrous...

12 Years A Slave review (Blu-ray)

A tale of triumph in the face of unspeakable cruelty, a damning portrayal of a decaying society built on the commodification of humanity with a lush, lyrical, visual aestheticism.

Sherlock: Season 3 review (Blu-ray)

OK, so it's January and we're waiting for Sherlock to come back. How did he escape death? By the end of the new season we still wouldn't be sure.