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Deadfall review (Blu-ray)

The Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky has shot a number of high profile features in Europe from The Inheritors to Anatomy (and its sequel) to the Oscar winning picture The Counterfeiters.

Pacific Rim review

In the near future a pan-dimensional rift opens deep in the pacific ocean from which spew beasts dubbed Kaiju (a Japanese word that translates as "strange beast").

Pacific Rim review

Co-writer and director Del Toro has, in the past, suggested that of the films he directs he almost alternates between making big budget studio productions (Blade II, Hellboy I&II) and...

Sons of Anarchy: Season 1 review (DVD)

Biker culture is not something that interests me – at all – and so a show dedicated to a club of tough, Harley-riding SOBs wouldn't usually catch my attention.