Danny Trejo

Storks review

There's a lovely, subtle joke early in Storks when, in response to the question "why don't storks deliver babies any more", the answer is "because there are better ways to...

In The Blood review (DVD)

Former drug addicts Ava (Carano) and Derek Grant (Gigandet) are enjoying their honeymoon in the Caribbean when Derek is seriously injured in a zip-lining accident.

Bullet review (Blu-ray)

Frank "Bullet" Marasco (Trejo) may be nearing retirement, but he's still the roughest, toughest and meanest undercover cop in LA.

Machete Kills review

At last, Machete Kills, the not-at-all-eagerly awaited sequel to the disappointing movie, Machete, no one really asked for or thought was that good based on the smirksome spoof trailer that...

Bad Ass review (DVD)

Bad Ass is the story of Frank Vega (Trejo), a Mexican immigrant who, after years working as hot dog vendor, finds fame on the internet for his "have a go"...

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas review

Does the word "stoner" in "stoner comedy" refer to the characters in the film or the person watching it? Because if it's the latter then you came to the right...

Machete review (Blu-ray)

As the credits roll on Machete, the voice over guy assures us that Machete "will return in Machete Kills ... and Machete Kills Again".

Death Race 2 review (DVD)

Death Race 2 is a shoot-em-up car game for people who don’t like computer games or don’t have any friends to play multi-player with.