Edward Zwick

The Great Wall review

Director Zhang Yimou's return to the martial arts genre is brimming with panache on the surface – but something far more average lies beyond the wall of its showy exterior

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back review

Tom Cruise may be in his 50s now (at the time of writing he's actually 54) but he's still very much a big-screen action man – and yes Cruise fans, this...

Love and Other Drugs ?

This movie made me nauseous! After watching the trailer, I wasn't expecting much more than a syrupy sweet rom-com with the formulaic phases of: boy meets girl, boy falls in...

Glory (Blu-ray)

Glory has often been noted as a film that doesn’t get the attention it deserved and quite rightly so.

Defiance (DVD)

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is well known. Only just told is the true story of the Bielski brothers, Jewish partisans in Belarus who took to the forests after avenging the...

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is an important film. It’s the sort of film that could easily get bogged down in the worthiness of its nature.