Emily Watson

Apple Tree Yard review

If there’s two things Apple Tree Yard, adapted from Louise Doughty’s novel, isn’t short of, that’s pace and tension so it’s a shame it lacked credibility here and there.

The Politician’s Husband review (DVD)

Sometimes you want a programme to work, you really, really want it to, and it starts off well.

Anna Karenina review (Blu-ray)

Wright's new take on the oft told Tolstoy classic is vibrant and energetic, making it easily accessible to a 21st century audience.

War Horse review

We all know that Spielberg can make heartwrenching stories for the masses with his eyes shut, and with War Horse he's found yet another story to keep audiences gently weeping...

Cemetery Junction review (Blu-ray)

Another week and another coming of age tale, but this one is set in the UK of 1973 and is fresh, funny and charming.

Cold Souls

Paul Giamatti must have loved doing this one. He gets to play himself, perform some radically different interpretations of Uncle Vanya, and also be a hero.

Fireflies in the Garden

A celebration turns to tragedy for the Taylor family. Alarmingly, it’s one of many moments of emotional upheaval that the Taylors have experienced over the years (several of which are...

Synecdoche New York

My, what a fertile imagination Charlie Kaufman has. All praise to him for coming up with wondrously original ideas. What a shame, though, that the finished product doesn't always fulfill them.

The Water Horse (DVD)

Although never hitting the heights that one would expect, this child-friendly movie nonetheless manages to entertain and engage thanks to great performances and an atmospheric setting.