First-person shooter

Prey review

When Morgan Yu's first day at work takes a highly unusual turn, a world is revealed which is vastly different from what it appeared to be

Sniper Elite 4 review

It's time to take up your rifle once more and head to Axis controlled Italy in the latest instalment of the Sniper Elite series

Hitman: The Complete First Season review

Agent 47 is back with a fresh bunch of contracts to complete in the complete season one collection of the latest instalment of the Hitman games

Titanfall 2 review

The second instalment of Respawn’s mech-centric first-person shooter addresses everything that made the first game  a disappointment, by adding a truly original single-player campaign and new Titans, and showcasing some stunning level-design

Battlefield 1 review

The latest in the hugely popular Battlefield franchise sees a return to historic combat with a game set during the First World War. Can Battlefield game set 100 years in the past provide the fast paced game we're used to or does it get bogged down in the trenches?

Bioshock: The Collection review

Bioshock: The Collection gives you the chance to play three classic games, with their DLC, on the current generation of hardware but is the conversion more than just a makeover?

Overwatch review

Blizzard’s first online shooter proves utterly irresistible, thanks to keeping things simple – and looks set to become the next big e-sport

Homefront: The Revolution review

An ambitious open-world FPS with an unusual premise that is distinctive and rewarding – but only if you look past its technical shortcomings

Doom review

Bethesda and id are spoiling us with this update of the gory, visceral classic that kickstarted the first-person shooter genre in 1993