Jim Broadbent

Brooklyn review

Brooklyn is a beauty to be sure – a lyrically crafted and very touching tale of a young woman coming out of her shell when embarking on a new life...

The Harry Hill Movie review (Blu-ray)

In the right hands, "silly" comedy can be hilarious. In the wrong hands it can be awkward, boring and simply not funny.

Filth review (Blu-ray)

Swaggering gallusly in the footsteps of disappointing adaptations of Ecstasy and The Acid House and a full 17 years after Danny Boyle's chirpy, cheeky, sanitised Carry On Up The Shooting...

Closed Circuit review

This contemporary British thriller begins with a bang. A bomb detonates at London's Borough Market maiming and killing many innocents.

Cloud Atlas review (Blu-ray)

Adapted from David Mitchell’s bestselling novel, Cloud Atlas is a film of towering ambitions. Woven from six narrative threads of different colours and weights, the film is set over a...