Joseph Fiennes

The Handmaid’s Tale review

Compared to Volker Schlöndorff’s chilly, inert 1990 film adaptation, this opening salvo is so packed with incident and ideas that it feels desperate to speed things along

The Red Baron (Der rote Baron)

Before its German premiere last year, reports suggested that this glossy account of World War I air ace Manfred von Richthofen would be a rare example of postwar German cinema...

The Escapist (DVD)

As the title suggests, The Escapist — gritty, tense, beautifully performed — is a prison saga.

Leo (DVD)

A long time ago (2002 actually) in a land far, far away (America) a small band of filmmakers made a really good movie called Leo.

The Escapist

It's a good week for homegrown product, what with The Edge of Love (literary, brooding, beautifully performed) and The Escapist (gritty, tense, equally beautifully performed).