Lizzy Caplan

The Last Rites of Ransom Pride review (DVD)

The Last Rites of Ransom Pride does the best it can to drive a nail into the coffin of the western, a genre that has had more rumours of its...

Hot Tub Time Machine review (Blu-ray)

Crude but funny time travel comedy that on the whole delivers some great laughs. Be patient with it, though – the early scenes are too strained and forced to amuse.

My Best Friend’s Girl (DVD)

Once predicted as the next big thing after her terrific turn in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, Kate Hudson has since become disposable fodder for the generic romantic comedy, trading in...

Cloverfield (2-disc DVD)

Producer JJ Abrams' monster movie is a little cracker. While its slightly gimmicky shaky-cam footage means it's not suitable for those who suffer motion sickness, the plot doesn't contain holes...


And so, after THAT trailer, and that whispery, understated stealth marketing campaign, Cloverfield, producer JJ (Lost) Abrams' monster movie, finally hits. And it's a little cracker.