Mark Strong

Miss Sloane review

Miss Sloane is John Madden's attempt at bringing to the big screen the political drama and atmosphere that made David Fincher's House of Cards memorable

Low Winter Sun review (DVD)

Some TV shows are a victim of their time. Low Winter Sun is as much a victim here as the corrupt cop murdered in the opening scenes of an impressive...

Welcome to the Punch review

A brave stab at a fully-British action film, Welcome to the Punch is an ambitious step forward from writer/director Creevy’s first feature, 2008’s Shifty.

John Carter review

If you are finding yourself asking "John who", do not fear – you are one of the many filmgoers who are unfamiliar with the long running sci-fi character created by Edgar...

Black Gold review

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud has been knocking around for years, and his varied output always looks good and is confidently rendered.

The Guard review (Blu-ray)

Boldly trashing the tourist image of County Galway, The Guard presents rural Ireland as a hotbed of joyriding, hidden arms caches, Country and Western loving terrorists, bent coppers, sex, drugs...

Green Lantern review (3D Blu-ray)

In a time when superhero movies are fighting for supremacy at the summer box office, Green Lantern felt more than a little lightweight on its initial release.

Green Lantern review (DVD)

Yet another addition to the ever growing mass of superhero movies, Green Lantern is a workmanlike effort that fails to cast a spell.

The Eagle review (Blu-ray)

The Eagle is an epic Roman adventure set in the year 140AD and follows the Roman commander Marcus Flavius Aquila (Tatum) recently discharged from the army due to injury.