Octavia Spencer

Zootropolis review

Zootropolis takes on bigotry and stereotypes and does it brilliantly, all within the confines of a cracking little crime thriller.

Fathers and Daughters review

Mr Crowe is very effective at doing seizures. He has about four of them in this soapy melodrama, his hand beginning to judder under stress and then his whole body...

Fruitvale Station review (DVD)

Early on New Year's Day in 2009, Oscar Grant was shot by a transit police officer on the platform at Fruitvale BART Staton in Oakland, California.

The Help review

Writer-director Taylor is friends with author Kathryn Stockett, whose best-selling novel this movie is based upon. She apparently helped him secure the gig. Good for him.

The Nines (DVD)

Who says there’s no such thing as a decent movie based on a videogame? The Nines is not just decent — it's superb, and although it may not be based...

The Nines

What, exactly, is life? Why are we here? What significance do The Nines hold? And when did Ryan Reynolds become a good actor? The Nines is the sort of film...