Patrick Troughton

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks review

The new Doctor wakes up and neither his companions nor the viewer are sure who he is. In this animated reconstruction of Patrick Troughton's first Doctor Who tale, the Daleks recognise him quickly enough

Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace review (DVD)

Oh dear. To the non-Doctor Who fans this will be a bewildering release. A story in which the first and last episodes are missing (replaced here with still pictures and...

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear review (DVD)

Hahaha. That was funny. Release The Moonbase and leave the trailer for The Underwater Menace (one of the worst Troughtons) on it.

Doctor Who: The Moonbase review (DVD)

OK, it’s early 1967 and there’s a new Doctor Who. He’s only been around a few months and there hasn’t been a replacement Doctor before.

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors review (DVD)

You know that thing where you want to like a story? The leading performance is as magical as ever, the monsters were so appealing they’re still turning up, you read...

Doctor Who: Regeneration review (DVD)

Hardcore fans are going to hate this box set. It’s a repackaging of stories they already have, bar one episode, and the regeneration stories aren’t always the best Doctor Whos either.

Doctor Who: The Krotons review (DVD)

The thing about the Krotons is that you so, so want to like it. It has one of the classic line-ups – the second Doctor and Jamie are always good value.

Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 review (DVD)

OK, first the slightly controversial bit. These older Doctor Who stories are all available separately and many fans complain when they’re released in a threesome like this – digitally cleaned...

Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 review (DVD)

First the good news. The first two stories are among the very best the series has to offer.

Doctor Who: The Dominators review (DVD)

It’s 1969. The second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, has a Beatles haircut and two companions in skirts – OK, one of them’s a kilt.