Richard Jenkins

Bone Tomahawk review

After slaughtering a band of travellers in their sleep and looting the bodies, murderous drifters Purvis (Arquette) and Buddy (The Devil’s Rejects’ Haig) get more than they bargain for when...

Jack Reacher review (Blu-ray)

Let's put aside the elephant in the room, shall we? This is not a pure adaptation of the Jack Reacher from the books (which I have yet to read).

Killing Them Softly review (Blu-ray)

McNairy and Mendelsohn are a couple of low-life hoodlums who raid a mob-run poker game headed by Liotta. Pitt plays the hard-ass hitman brought in to teach them a lesson.

The Cabin in the Woods review

The Cabin in the Woods was actually completed in 2009 – and a belated release so long after production is usually a really bad omen, but in this case the...

Friends With Benefits review

Well, it's an improvement on No Strings Attached, but that's hardly an enthusiastic recommendation. Friends With Benefits shares a similar storyline to that insipid and forgettable effort in that it...

Hall Pass review (Blu-ray) ?

Hall Pass details the exploits of two married men, Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis), who are beginning to find their married life a bit tired and stale.

Let Me In review (DVD) ?

Remakes aren't the enemy. Not always, anyway. But there's something unbelievably arrogant and patronising about taking an acclaimed foreign language film – in this case 2008's Let the Right One In...