Robert Zemeckis

The Walk review

We only get one life, although quite a few of the world's religions might disagree. As such, it's always a puzzle to see people put that single, solitary life at risk.

A Christmas Carol review (3D Blu-ray)

And then you sit down and watch it and discover, well, yes, some admittedly odd animation (and more on that in a second) but an overall excellent adaptation that delivers...

Back To The Future review

From the opening tracking shot of the clocks and homemade inventions of Doc Brown to his own triumphant last lines ("Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"), Back To...

1941 review (DVD)

I really wanted to love 1941, I did. Hell, I wanted to like it. But I just didn't.

A Christmas Carol

Oh joy, you probably thought when you saw the posters go up, just what we need: ANOTHER bloody interpretation of A Christmas Carol.

Beowulf: 2-Disc Director's Cut (DVD)

Beowulf is here once again to kill our mawnstaah (thanks, Ray). But if you saw it at the cinema in 3D, as we did, you'll notice something missing when you...