Sam Worthington

Sabotage review (Blu-ray)

It's a shame that audiences no longer have much of an appetite for Big Arnie's macho heroics – they flock to fluffy superheroes now.

Texas Killing Fields review (Blu-ray)

Since the 1970s, numerous girls and women have gone missing along Interstate 45 in Texas. When several dead bodies were found dumped in a nearby abandoned oil field, the area...

Man on a Ledge review (DVD)

Man on a Ledge is a nail-biting, popcorn chomping ride through one man’s quest to prove his innocence.

Wrath of the Titans review

Well, it's better than its predecessor, but that's not much of a recommendation. 2010's Clash of the Titans was rubbish, whereas Wrath is merely tolerable.

The Debt review (DVD)

With a stellar cast and compelling subject matter, The Debt was all set to be a hard-hitting, harrowing thriller.

Last Night review

Writer-director Tadjedin’s clever and knowing film is certain to be labelled as a “relationship drama” (I’ve just done it) because life’s a rush and we often require descriptive shorthand.