Seth Rogen

Preacher preview and Q&A

Dominic Cooper talks about the new Preacher TV series after a special pilot screening at the MCM London Comic-Con

Bad Neighbours 2 review

The original Bad Neighbours was a surprise summer hit back in 2014. It was the story of young couple Mac and Kelly Radner (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) who were...

Steve Jobs review

Here's the third attempt in as many years to bring the story of the Apple cofounder to the big screen – and easily the best, thanks to a crackling script from Sorkin and a vivid central performance by Fassbender.

Bad Neighbours review (Blu-ray)

We've all been there. At some stage of our lives, we've lived next door to neighbours that we didn't quite get on with.

This Is The End review (Blu-ray)

This film is ridiculous. The plot, the action scenes and the amount of cameos – it’s all ridiculous. And it’s awesome.