Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks review

The new Doctor wakes up and neither his companions nor the viewer are sure who he is. In this animated reconstruction of Patrick Troughton's first Doctor Who tale, the Daleks recognise him quickly enough

You've Been Trumped Too review

The follow up to 2011's You've Been Trumped sees us once again following the Forbes family in pursuit of their simple goal – a home with running water. What's preventing this? Donald Trump

British Comedies Of The 1930s Volume 7 review

Another fabulous volume, this time with a sex comedy, Dominant Sex, whose central couple argue about some very modern sexual politics, and slapstick farce Lost In The Legion, about two cooks who accidentally sign up for the Foreign Legion. 

The Fencer review

Märt Avandi is stupendous as Endel, the athletic young Estonian fencer of the title, in director Klaus Härö's stirring drama