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Terminator Genisys review

Roughly 90 minutes in to this rubbish reboot of the venerable sci-fi franchise, there's a chase scene involving a bus over San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge. Said bus ends up flipping over and teetering over the side of the bridge, with the main characters in  jeopardy hanging off it in peril. Sounds nerve-racking doesn't it? Unfortunately, there's absolutely no tension at all in this loud action sequence, indicative of this silly, impersonal retread that I could not make much sense of.

Arnie is back as the good terminator, his wrinkled visage "old but not obsolete" rescuing Sarah Connor (Clarke) again from a prize villain, this time  in 2017 – some mumbo jumbo about alternative time lines and other nonsensical exposition sends her and Kyle Reese (Courtney) there to foil the Genisys programme, the dastardly new telecommunications and internet terror that is powered by Skynet. Chase and action scenes occur every 10 minutes or so as the characters rush and race from one deadly situation to another, stopping for intervals to explain the ridiculous plotting. It almost feels like they're making it up as they go along.

Arnie makes little impression here – he's always there to save the day but really takes a back seat to the prickly partnership between Connor and Reese. Both Clarke and Courtney do all they can with their one dimensional roles but are never given enough rope to make much of these characters – she's little more than a ball breaking, rough-house girl soldier while he looks understandably lost in trying to work out who to trust and who to kill.

Jason Clarke as Sarah's adult son John Connor tries to imbue some humanity with his role but when a different persona from him is revealed the tale devolves into over more tiresome cliches. By the halfway point, one simply gives up trying to work out the ludicrous plot machinations, but the constant fire and fury of the relentlessly pounding action never excites one enough to mask the deficiencies of the script. One is pummelled into submission with boredom. This overblown, empty farrago isn't as bad as Terminator Salvation, but is still an insult to the original trilogy. Don't waste your time with it.

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