The Cloverfield Multiverse

Let's face it: The Cloverfield Paradox was not a movie entirely fit for a big-screen release. But it was perfect for Netflix. The third installment of the Cloverfield franchise was every bit as surprising as the previous releases in the series, it had its strong points and shortcomings, and it was overall a decent movie — even if the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes considered it rotten beyond belief (it has an 18% Tomatometer score as opposed to a 51% user rating). But let's not see it as an individual movie right now (de gustibus non est disputandum, anyway) but as part of a franchise. How — and where — does it fit in the story? Let's find out.

The story (Spoilers ahead!)

The Cloverfield Paradox introduces us to a world where power is in short supply. And when there's no power, there's no lighting, no TV, no smartphones to watch Netflix and read Red Flush online game reviews, no electric car charging, no nothing. And this world attempts to solve its energy shortage by creating a renewable power source based on a massive particle accelerator on board a space station called Cloverfield. As you might expect, things don't go exactly as they should - the generator overloads and it sends the entire space station into a parallel universe. Ultimately, the remainder of the crew makes it home (or so it seems), but the world is already overrun with massive alien creatures similar to the ones in the first and second movie.

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The multiverse

In the first movie, we've seen a bunch of youngsters partying without any worries - this is a bit unusual for a world with frequent power outages. After seeing The Cloverfield Paradox and being introduced to the multiverse, it seems logical that its action didn't take place in the same universe. So, there are at least two parallel Earths in play here (assuming, of course, that the events in 10 Cloverfield Lane took place on the same Earth as the first movie). And in the parallel universe where the Shepherd accelerator took the Cloverfield, there was no word of monsters and similar events — but they did have the very same power shortage to handle.

The future

This October, we'll have the chance to see a fourth movie in the Cloverfield universe, called Overlord. There are not many details available about the movie - we know that it will take place during World War II and it will involve paratroopers and Nazi experiments. J. J. Abrams didn't want to divulge any details about the movie — I guess we'll have to wait and see. And we'll have even more to wait for in the future — a fifth Cloverfield movie is said to be in the works. If the multiverse introduced in the latest Cloverfield movie will remain a recurring factor in the future movies, the possibilities for stories to be sold are practically limitless. This means that, as long as the movies prove financially viable, we may expect an endless supply of movies to be released in the franchise.

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