The Deep Blue Sea review

Davies returns to film-making with his first feature in 11 years, an adaptation of Terrence Rattigan's play about a woman who leaves her respected husband for a younger man and the various degrees of passion people feel for one another.

Hester Collyer (Weisz) is married to the older Sir William (Beale) but when she meets Freddie Page, she decides to leave her life of luxury for a bedsit with Freddie (Hiddleston). She soon discovers life isn't all passion and prose with the former RAF officer, still living off his glories in the war. Instead, it's nights down the pub singing along to songs she's never heard of.

There's always a problem reworking a well-known stage play for the screen. It can sometimes feel rather theatrical – and this film falls deeply in to that hole. Major scenes are played out in the bedsit shared by Hester and Freddie and even when we see them walking the streets, it still feels as though it's all a bit staged. The film is utterly beautiful to look at though, all muted colours and whispy cigarette smoke.
Weisz is fine as Hester, although it's really nothing we haven't seen her do before. Russell Beale adds to the theatrical feel somewhat. It's rising star Hiddleston who really shines, not really understanding why this woman he loved won't let him go.

One scene in particular did stand out though, Hester and William's mother discuss passion over dinner. It's quite wonderful to watch and Weisz and Barbara Jefford play it extremely well. For me, it's the highlight of the film.

If this had been a stage production I'm sure it would have garnered five star reviews. But it's not and as it film it is lovely to look at but all a bit flat in the end. Maybe it could have done with a bit more passion?

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