The Silent Storm review

Best known for his role as a double agent in the thrilling US drama series Homeland, here Damian Lewis portrays barmy Scottish priest Balor emotionally controls everyone living in his small village. 

BAFTA-nominated Andrea Riseborough co-stars as Balor's abused wife, Aislin. The pair play the characters well but the storyline wasn't my cup of tea. Lewis's goggle-eyed performance of Barmy Balor made me despise him. Balor preached the Lord's Prayer at churchgoers about being sinners and not being self-indulgent yet he doesn't practice what he preaches. After a mine closes down Balor loses his already dwindling followers when they're forced to move to find work on the mainland.

Up and comer Ross Anderson makes a compelling performance as young rogue Fionn who gets sent to the priest's house to change his ways.  

Kudos to the director for the breathtaking shots across the ocean from the priest's house. A standout moment was the strange yet beautifully shot colourful scene where Aislin and Fionn are left to their own devices whilst Balor sets sail to the mainland. The pair take a trip into the woods and hallucinate after taking magic mushrooms. It's both funny and makes a change to the usual bleak scenes of menacing control from Balor.

The Silent Storm is an interesting watch, and definitely different to anything else out there at the moment. It's worth seeing for Lewis's thick Scottish accent alone.

the silent storm 2016 movie embed

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