The Sitter review (Blu-ray)

Is this the last film in which we're going to see a fat Jonah Hill? It was cleary made before 21 Jump Street, which features the slimmed-down version. Here, he's still quite the chubster ... and the only shining light in a somewhat average film.

Hill plays Noah, a college dropout still living with his mother. He's a bit of a jobless lose, but strangely, he has a hot girlfriend, Marissa (Graynor). Go figure. Anyway, the plot involves Noah having to babysit a neighbour's three kids so that his mum can go on a date.

During the night, Marissa requires him to go and buy somoe cocaine from her dealer, Karl (Rockwell) and deliver it to her at a party. So he packs the kids into the car and heads into Manhattan, where they get into all sorts of misadventures.

It's a pretty conventional plot, with nothing we haven't seen many times before – most recently in Date Night, and back in 1987 in A Night on the Town (aka Adventures in Babysitting). What the makers of The Sitter have added is lots of crude humour and a liberal smattering of swearing.

There are some good performances – Hill and Rockwell being the standouts – but there are a few too many storylines being juggled, and it doesn't all hang together. Still, it's a decent enough flick for a saturday night in with some beers and a pizza – particularly if you still have a soft spot for the heftier Hill.

EXTRAS ★★½ Text Deleted and extended scenes; a making-of featurette; a behind-the-scenes look at Hill in his role as producer; a gag reel, plus two extra sets of outtakes.

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