This Is The End review (Blu-ray)

This film is ridiculous. The plot, the action scenes and the amount of cameos – it’s all ridiculous. And it’s awesome. The latest film from Rogen and Goldberg, This Is The End features six friends trapped in a lavish Los Angeles mansion as they try to survive what appears to be the Apocalypse.

Oh, and everyone in this film is playing themselves. Seth Rogen is Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel is Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill is Jonah Hill … etc. And just about everyone you could think of in relation to Rogen and Goldberg is in this film. Cera, Mintz-Plasse, Kaling, Ansari … even Emma Watson makes a few appearances. There are quite a few surprises along the way, too.

When Baruchel, who claims to hate LA, arrives at the airport to spend a weekend with his old Canadian buddy Rogen, he expects to spend his time getting high, watching movies and playing video games. He soon becomes displeased when Seth suggests they attend Franco’s housewarming party, where everyone who's anyone is going to be. Jay makes it clear that he doesn’t get along with Seth’s new Hollywood friends, but will come along anyway.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) is at Franco’s place doing what celebrities do best – partying. The cameos are hilarious – especially Cera, who appears to be an out-of-control cocaine-snorting delinquent. Tensions are running high between Jay and Seth, who seem to be drifting apart. But this is forgotten about when the Apocalypse hits and everyone starts falling into a giant sinkhole. There’s limbs torn off, heads squashed, Cera is impaled on a lamp post – it’s ridiculous.

Seth, Jay, James, Jonah, Craig and eventually Danny (who turned up uninvited) survive the sinkhole and board themselves up inside the house, believing that celebrities will be the first to be rescued. But after quite a bit of time goes by, they realise they are facing the actual Apocalypse – complete with demonic creatures that are out to kill them.

This Is The End is nothing short of hilarious. The concept is so ridiculous that it’s brilliant, and the script contains so many one-liners that will have you in hysterics. The action scenes and gore are so intentionally fake and over the top that they add to the laughs – because there’s nothing funnier than actors playing themselves getting decapitated by an apocalyptic force. Playing themselves, there are many opportunities for the actors to reference their other real-life work. There’s a highly amusing home-made sequel to Pineapple Express among the works – if you love Seth and his crew, you will  cry with laughter at this film.

EXTRAS ★★★★ An audio commentary with Rogen and Goldberg; the featurette Directing Your Friends (6:30), in which Rogen and Goldberg discuss the perils of – yes, you guessed it – directing their friends in a film; the featurette Meta-Apocalypse (7:43); the featurette Let's get Technical (10:44); the featurette Party Time (12:54); the featurette The Cannibal King (4:25); the featurette The Making Of The Making Of Pineapple Express 2 (6:20); the original short film that the feature was based on, Jay and Seth versus The Apocalypse (9:58); This Is The Gag Reel (6:16); Line-O-Rama (12:34); eight Deleted Scenes (15:08); and seven marketing spots, including the red-band trailer.

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