Top 10 psycho teen girl movies

To mark the Blu-ray release of Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures, we take a look back at other films which feature psychotic young girls gone wild ...


Erika Christensen is weirdo pool letch Madison, who’s got a thing for Bring It On hunk Jesse Bradford. They shag underwater, but he doesn’t want his goody two shoes girlfriend to suss out his cheatin’ ways, so he gives Madison the cold shoulder. Big mistake. A couple of anodyne kills and an audacious comparison to Fatal Attraction by 20th Century Fox place this wet blanket in tenth. Shame, as Christensen does loopy well.

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Before she donned a red hood, Hollywood nymphette Amanda Seyfried went all-out nutty nympho in Atom Egoyan’s glossy thriller, and despite a few good reviews from Egoyan’s faithful fans, general reception was tepid. This time it was Sony’s turn to draw comparisons to Fatal Attraction in the film’s marketing, albeit this time with a lesbian twist. Nice try, but no cigar. Julianne Moore went on to better les-centric success with The Kids Are All Right.

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A pulpy slice of Sapphic trash, The In Crowd is a PG-rated snooze-fest that only gets going in the final reel. ‘Erotomaniac’ Adrien is released from a loony bin to work at an exclusive retreat for rich kids, where she becomes suspicious of sourpuss bombshell Brittany (Susan Ward from Wild Things 2). Before you can shout ‘lesbian overboard’, Brittany drowns a pal as punishment for coming on to her, then takes a spade and hunts down Adrien at a garden party.

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‘Enfant terrible’ Isild Le Besco eats psycho girl roles for breakfast, and French pot-boiler Highly Strung (Je Te Mangerais) is no exception. When cherubic Marie moves to Lyon to study piano, she rooms with uptight med student Emma (Besco), who comes over all touchy-feely to the tune of Mozart and Chopin, something that Marie at first welcomes. However when Marie gets a boyfriend, Emma starts blackmailing Marie and creeping into her bed at night. Eek!

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Family Guy and Get Over It had given Mila Kunis a pretty good head-start in Hollywood, until a sequel nobody asked for poo-pooed all over her career. She has since thankfully made amends. Kunis is gorgeous nut-job criminology student Rachael, who will do anything, bizarrely, to be teaching assistant to a character played by William Shatner. Cue a slurry of lame kills, sucky nods to the far superior American Psycho and oodles of ham.

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Likewise, The Doom Generation and Scream catapulted Rose McGowan into the list of Hollywood up-and-comers, only to fall prey to another crap straight-to-video psycho schoolgirl movie. Oh, and it also rips off Fatal Attraction. Why do so many of these films need a man to get between two women to make one of them screw-loose? Still, Rose is scorching hot and at least has the decency to royally camp it up, beating to death dear granny with her own cane while she’s at it.

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Ellen Page has this nasty little piece of work to thank for her being cast in X-Men: The Last Stand and Juno, and her performance rightly won her the Empire award for best female newcomer. An online chat between a 14-year-old girl and a 32-year-old male photographer turns deadly when Little Miss flirts her way into his house before asphyxiating him and threatening to cut his balls off. With an ending you certainly won’t see coming, Hard Candy is a bitter pill to swallow.

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This shameless sequel wins a bronze medal sheerly for the outrageousness of the murders (drowning in faeces, guitar string strangulation) and ballsy casting, with Bruce Springsteen’s sister Pamela playing screw-loose Angela with gutsy nudge-wink aplomb. Even though Angela is in fact a dude (as was revealed in the final scene of its predecessor) we have decided to overlook this because, c’mon, it’s Bruce Springsteen’s sister.

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An obvious contender, but not quite doolally enough for the top spot, is Nina Sayers - the role that got Natalie Portman an Oscar. Alas, the role of Swan Queen was not so fortunate for the character of Nina herself, who instead goes bonkers, imagining that feathers are sprouting from her back, and that fellow psycho-girl graduate Mila Kunis wants to bed her. Although she doesn’t bump anyone off (only in her messed-up head does she do that), she still deserves second place.

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By far and away the creepiest girl of the lot, try to imagine how Nina would have turned out had she not kicked the ballet bucket. Result = Asami, injured ballerina turned psycho nutjob extraordinaire! When Asami is selected as potential wife material by grieving widower Aoyama, she cannot accept that he might have anything approaching even platonic feelings for anyone else, and so punishes him by paralyzing him and whipping out a wire saw and a set of needles. While giggling. Eugh.

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Worthy contenders: Wild Things, Urban Legend, Girls Can’t Swim, The Roommate, Heathers, Tamara, The Rage: Carrie 2, Scream 4, Teacher’s Pet, Poison Ivy

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