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Funny Games US
A deconstruction of the way violence is portrayed in the media. A family settles into its lakeside holiday home, which happens to be the next stop for a pair of young, articulate, white-gloved serial killers on an excursion through the neighbourhood.
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A shy, brilliant MIT student is recruited to join a group of students that heads to Vegas every weekend armed with the know-how to turn the odds at blackjack in their favour. By counting cards and employing an intricate system of signals, the team can beat the casinos big time.
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Horton Hears a Who
An imaginative elephant named Horton hears a faint cry for help coming from a tiny speck of dust floating through the air. Horton suspects there may be life on that speck and despite a surrounding community which thinks he has lost his mind, he is determined to save the tiny particle.
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A montage of stories about US soldiers fighting in the Iraq conflict, focusing on the modern
forms of media covering the war using a variety of source material — video diaries,
surveillance footage, online testimonials and news pieces.
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Diary of The Dead
A small crew of college filmmakers are in the Pennsylvania woods making a no-budget horror film when they hear the terrifying news that the dead have started returning to life. As the frightened youngsters try to get to safety, they document the true-life horrors.
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The Other Boleyn Girl
When rumours circulate that King Henry VIII is no longer intimate with his wife, who has been unable to give him a male heir, Sir Thomas Boleyn concocts a plan to bring his family back to prominence: his daughter Anne shall seduce the King and provide him with a son. However,
the scheme goes off course when the King takes to Anne's younger sister, Mary.
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Vantage Point
Thomas Barnes and Kent Taylor are two Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Ashton at a landmark summit on the global war on terror. When President Ashton is shot moments after his arrival in Spain, chaos ensues and desperate lives collide.
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Special agent Jennifer Marsh gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game
with a serial killer, who conducts violent and painful murders live on the net on an untraceable website. The more people who log on, the quicker and more violently the victim dies.
Now she needs to track down the killer before he makes her his next victim.
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The Accidental Husband
Emma Lloyd is a popular New York radio DJ whose love advice is adored by women everywhere. Off-air her own life is equally successful, with wedding plans to dependable fiance Richard running smoothly — until she makes a shocking discovery ... she's already married to someone else.
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The Bank Job
In September 1971, thieves tunnelled into the vault of a bank in London’s Baker Street and
looted safe deposit boxes of cash and jewellery worth millions of pounds. None of it was
recovered. Nobody was ever arrested.
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Vietnam veteran John Rambo has withdrawn into a simple and secluded life in Thailand. But
he's coaxed into joining a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, to rescue
a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.
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A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those who have sworn to kill them.
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Be Kind Rewind
When Jerry becomes magnetised, he accidentally erases all the tapes in the video store where his best friend Mike works. To keep the few customers happy, Jerry and Mike decide to remake one of the erased movies, Ghostbusters. To their astonishment, their unique version is a hit.
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My Blueberry Nights
After a rough break-up, Elizabeth sets out on a journey across America, in search of something
to mend her broken heart. Waitressing her way through the country, Elizabeth befriends
others whose yearnings are greater than hers.
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Juno MacGuff is a cool, confident 16-year-old who, after seducing a classmate, finds herself pregnant. She hatches a plan to find the unborn baby the perfect set of parents, and sets
her sights on a seemingly faultless suburban couple.
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There Will Be Blood
A sprawling epic of family, faith, power and oil, There Will Be Blood chronicles the life and times of Daniel Plainview, who transforms himself from a down-and-out silver miner raising a son on his own into a self-made oil tycoon.
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Definitely Maybe
Will Hayes is a 30-something Manhattan dad in the midst of a divorce when his 10-year-old daughter, Maya, starts to question him about his life before marriage. Maya wants to know absolutely everything about how her parents met and fell in love.
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The Diving Bell and The Butterfly
The true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, a successful and charismatic editor-in-chief of
French Elle, who believes he is living his life to its absolute fullest when a sudden
stroke leaves him in a life-altered state.
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Charlie Wilson's War
Charlie Wilson's War is the true story of how a playboy congressman, a renegade CIA agent and a beautiful Houston socialite joined forces to lead the largest and most successful covert operation in history. Their efforts contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
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The Savages
An irreverent look at family, love and mortality as seen through the lens of one of modern life's most bewildering and challenging experiences: when adult siblings find themselves plucked from their everyday, self-centred lives to care for an estranged elderly parent.
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I Am Legend
Robert Neville is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable, and man-made. Somehow immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York city — and maybe the world.
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