Transformers: Series 1 (DVD)

Four million years ago on the distant planet Cybertron, and a race of living robots known as Transformers are at war where the evil Decepticons are being constantly battled by the upstanding Autobots. Taking the fight into space a ship malfunction sees the bots crash on Earth, lying dormant for millions of years, the machines reawaken in 1984 to continue the fight under our very noses, disguising themselves as everyday vehicles.

This summer saw the year of the Transformers as Michael Bay’s metal-mashing blockbuster took to the silver screen. It’s a slice of deep-fried nostalgia for some and a whole new experience for the young-uns that were too ikkle to remember the cartoon. Now whichever one of those two categories you fall into, it’s borderline important that you check out the original series. For the fans reliving the glory days of watching Optimus Prime kicking the snot out of Megatron, it is going to be too good an opportunity to miss, while for the rest of you, it’s good to know the source material on which the movie was based, what with it being as much a part of 80s culture as bad hair.

Unsurprisingly, the first season of the cartoon has popped up on DVD again, and while the re-release is undoubtedly shameless, it still makes great and essential viewing. Based on the Hasbro toy line, the first set chronicles the origin of the Autobots’ plight and serves as a top introduction to our beloved characters. Sure, the animation is more than a tad dated by now, but it’s still ineffably cool to watch hulking great robots change into the most fashionable vehicles the decade had to offer. Classic fanboy material, but come on, who isn’t a Transformers fanboy?

EXTRAS **** A bumper load of extras are included such as interviews, documentaries and trailers as well as a bunch of stuff that’ll show off the second season, as if watching the first series wasn’t enough…

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