Trinity: Season 1 (DVD)

"This whole college is rotten from the bottom to the very top – especially the top." As a new academic year commences at Trinity College, so do the wild parties, wild sex and the unearthing of some sinister secrets.

The new alumni soon learn of the traditions still tied to Trinity: alliances, class divisions and humiliation rituals for those who not belong to the college's notorious most elite group. The Dandelion Club is an age old club, full of spoilt toffs who pay their peers to do their work, have jesters to urinate upon and a never-ending supply of girls to use for their own pleasure and amusement. So when a new forward-thinking female warden takes her post this year, friction, underhanded deals and corruption are abound within the institution. The devious dean, Edmund Maltravers (Dance), has plans of his own and would stop at nothing to protect the secrets within the walls of the prestigious college.

Inevitably new students from more middle class backgrounds find it difficult to find their place in such a class driven place. Charlotte Arc (Bernath) fruitlessly digs for answers regarding her fathers mysterious death years after being a student at Trinity himself and Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates makes a respectable performance as Theo Mackenzie – a clever and charismatic young man from Lewisham who, despite having none of the estates and royal connections that the rest of the college can brag about, ruffles the feathers of the Dandelion president (the spoilt but slightly endearing Dorian who is every each the aristocrat) by dating his cold-hearted but stunning cousin.

This teen drama does exactly what is says on the tin, abiding to the taglines of Recreational Sex, Recreational Drugs, Recreational Murder. Though the poor-boy-thrust-into-rich-playground sounds all too similar to American teen series Gossip girl, the dark sinister elements to Trinity's storyline, sets it apart from such predictable shows. With well developed characters, plenty of funny moments (thanks to clueless jesters Angus and Raj) and each episode leaving the audience on a cliff-hanger, I must say, despite my preconceptions I found Trinity to be thoroughly enjoyable. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and teams sexiness with sinister for a winning and very watchable combo.

EXTRAS ** Behind the scenes footage with the show’s male eye candy – Reggie Yates and Christian Cooke.

Justin Bateman is a Screenjabber contributor

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