We Are Your Friends review (Blu-ray)

Being a middle-aged guy, I am really not the target audience for this tale of a young man trying to make it as a DJ in the LA club scene, and the life lessons he learns that bring a sense of maturity and responsibility to his existence.

Efron gives a somewhat colourless performance as Cole Carter, the music maestro who comes under the influence of esteemed James Reed (Bentley), a well established and very successful DJ and music producer, who takes the youngster under his wing and provides him with opportunities. Not least with his pretty and shapely PA Sophie (Ratajkowski). This new association for Cole puts him at odds with the trusted friends he works with in scamming vulnerable customers whose homes are foreclosing.

It's that old and tired tale of the innocent having his eyes opened and discovering that the one he looks up to might not be the smooth operator he first thought. Here this cliched scenario is transplanted to the sunny climes of California and it's dressed up with slick editing and numerous party scenes. One sequence is very well done – after taking PCP Cole sees all the people he's with turn into animated semi-psychedelic figures.

Alas, there is little imagination elsewhere as the narrative never picks up or becomes remotely involving – there's simply not enough story to keep one engaged. It provides a vibrant setting but nothing underneath to give it any depth. Consequently, the token dramatics that come into play towards the end have no weight to them. For the teen audience it's designed for, however, it should all be watchable enough.


EXTRAS ★★ Seven behind-the-scenes featurettes (18:11); and a junket interview with stars Efron and Ratajkowski, and writer/director Joseph (8:00).

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