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WWE: Bayley - Iconic Matches/Sasha Banks - Iconic Matches DVD review

With the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble right at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and a roaring success, as well as the announcement of the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber in a few weeks, it’s no surprise that WWE have chosen this moment to release a couple of single disc profile DVDs on two of their prominent female competitors. WWE did a similar thing for Sheamus and Daniel Bryan a few years ago, as well as a more recent Finn Balor release. I believe that these were given away internationally with toy purchases, but in the UK they are being sold as standalone budget releases. The subject of these two DVDs? Sasha Banks and Bayley.

wwe bayley iconic moments sasha banks iconic moments DVD2First up is Banks, which features three matches from her WWE tenure, starting with the four-way match where she won the NXT Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Bayley, which you could easily argue was the starting point for the revolution in women’s wrestling in the WWE, or certainly the moment that people sat up and took notice. The match is very good, although you can easily see how far all four women have come in the interim time. The second match is the first ever women’s iron man match from NXT Takeover in 2014, which was historic and a phenomenal match, while the third outing features Sasha winning her first WWE Women’s Championship on Raw in 2016 against her perennial career rival, Charlotte. Again, a great match, even if it is possibly not the most memorable of the series they had at that time.

The Bayley DVD is quite the eye-opener, although not necessarily in a good way. All three matches are superb, starting with the legendary Bayley vs Sasha Banks match from the very first Takeover: Brooklyn in 2015, which still holds up as arguably one of the best, most emotional and well-structured WWE women’s matches of all time. The second bout is a superb David and Goliath story with Bayley taking on Nia Jax at NXT Takeover London, a match I was in attendance for in December 2015 at Wembley Arena. Finally, we have Bayley and Sasha as a team taking on Charlotte and Dana Brooke, which marked Bayley’s first appearance the main roster. The reason I mention this being an eye-opener is because it goes to show what a terrible job WWE have done with Bayley, who was a wildly popular character in NXT, and even during her first few months on the main roster, and now means almost nothing within the context of the women’s division.

All in all these two releases are very good in terms of match quality, and although the offering is somewhat brief for £6 per disc it is hard to argue you aren’t getting value for money. Sasha and Bayley are two of the most capable workers on the roster, and it’s good to see both of them being celebrated for their role in how WWE, and wrestling fans as a whole treat the women’s division. A very decent release, and at that price, well worth picking up.


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