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WWE Roadblock: End of the Line review

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line (not to be confused with WWE Roadblock, which also took place this year, hence the one time use of the subtitle to differentiate). The final Raw only PPV of the year, much of the build was based around the top two matches, Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks in a 30 minute Iron Man (surely it should be woman, but that's the branding they went with). Going into the card I had very little hope of show delivering much in terms of story development, even with those matches sure to deliver form an in-ring perspective, and watching back for this review I still feel like that was the case.

wwe roadblock end of the line DVDThe main event between Owens and Reigns was a good brawl from an in-ring perspective as expected. Owens' offence may not please everyone and he certainly doesn’t have the conventional look for a main eventer, but his matches are generally very good. Equally Roman Reigns finished off his PPV schedule for the year with another great performance. The finish for me was a massive let-down, and although it fed into the overall larger story of the Kevin Owens-Chris Jericho, but it all felt very convoluted and a bit of a cop out overall. Even the post-match mini-Shield reunion tease couldn’t save the finish.

The Sasha- Charlotte match, however was fantastic as expected. This really elevated both women, and I'm glad they decided to go one more month. However after this definitive finish, I'm glad both at least partially moved on to new things, as this was a fine ending to an enjoyable, but overly long feud.

Further down the card, I very much enjoyed the New Day vs Sheamus & Cesaro, and the shock title change really surprised me, even on second viewing. It made sense and the post-match between the two teams was lots of fun too. Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho was fine for what it was, although I think the match they had a few months prior on Raw was a better outing for both. This was enjoyable, however. I also think the company did well with the Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman match, with Strowman looking like a monster against Zayn, but Zayn actually being booked like an underdog for once. It holds up far better on second watch, which is excellent.

However, for me the absolute highlight came at the end of the Cruiserweight Championship match between Rich Swann, The Brian Kendrick, and TJ Perkins. The match itself was so-so partly because the audience had no investment in any of these guys up to this point. However, Neville's appearance at the end of the match absolutely brutalising the faces and disregarding Kendrick made a big statement and basically just re-positioned and re-framed the focus of the division in a matter of minutes. 

Roadblock: End of the Line was a decent show, with plenty of good matches and noting offensive on the show, but it also felt a bit flat in the larger context, and much more like the traditional December placeholder PPV than its Smackdown counterpart TLC. In isolation a good show, but less good in the grand scheme of things.

EXTRAS: Not much to report here, just the kick off show match between Rusev and Big Cass, which was adequate if not particularly stellar.

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