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WWE Seth Rollins: Building the Architect review

Known by a variety of nicknames, including "The Architect", and "The Man" (although in fairness only by himself where the latter is concerned) Seth Rollins has had quite the career already in WWE. As such, despite having been featured as a subject in the Destruction of the Shield DVD and Blu-ray in 2014, it's hardly a surprise that Seth has been given his own home video profile as a singles competitor. Chronicling his career from FCW into his run in NXT and his run on the main roster both in The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to his singles run, this release is comprised of a series of matches punctuated by a larger interview with Rollins going through his career providing context and stories around the big matches in his career. 

wwe seth rollins building the architect DVDAs expected the match quality here is phenomenal. Rather than focusing too heavily on the same matches that have appeared on The Shield DVD, or in some of other recent WWE releases there is a shift of focus to lesser seen bouts. His early FCW/NXT matches alongside Ambrose, Hunico (now Sin Cara), Leo Kruger (later Adam Rose) and Big E, before moving onto his time with The Shield including a long forgotten bout with The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan in 2013 which is an absolute cracker from a UK Raw (yes, something of note on a UK Raw), as well as six man tags with Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton from Wrestlemania 29, as well as against John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback from the month prior at Elimination Chamber. These six man tags were the lifeblood of The Shield at that time and regularly the highlight of any WWE card they were on, so that was a nice addition here. The absolute scorcher that Rollins had alongside Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Goldust while operating as goons for The Authority against the Rhodes family, which might have been one of my top five matches in WWE in 2013.

In terms of Rollins' post Shield career, we got his again near match of the year candidate from 2015 against Brock Lesnar and John Cena, as well as his two Wrestlemania matches from Wrestlemania 31. You can say what you like about his later work as champion, but Rollins was a star that night in both his match with Randy Orton, and cashing in his briefcase in the main event to win the WWE Championship (I may be biased having been there that night). The big notes from his title reign are here, with his stellar ladder match against Dean Ambrose from Money in the Bank 2015, a cracker form Raw against Neville, as well as bouts against John Cena (including a previously unreleased cage match from Madison Square Garden). Finally, on the third disc of this set we got the post-injury return against Roman Reigns, the forgotten Shield triple threat from Battleground, and his more recent matches with Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. There are some corkers on this set, and if you like Rollin's in-ring work you will love this set.

One thing that strikes a chord with me here is how much more personable and likeable Rollins comes across here in comparison to his on screen persona. Rollins promo style has often seemed somewhat whiny and less than relatable at times. Whether it was in his role in The Authority as the figuratively castrated antagonist, or in the early days of his babyface run he hasn’t always been the most immediately likeable figure. However, between this interview here and his 24 special last year Rollins comes across very well, and the interview portion certainly adds a lot to proceedings in terms if interesting titbits and context for the excellent matches on offer here.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable DVD set, with some excellent matches, some interesting comments and context from Seth Rollins, and plenty to offer to fans of “The Architect”, fans of The Shield, and anyone who enjoys good wrestling and seeing the journey a performer the calibre of Rollins takes from developmental all the way to main event status.


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