Screenjabber began life as the desire by a pair of film journalists to bring proper film writing back to the internet - with proper punctuation, and a lot less exclamation marks. Oh, and we also know the difference between a premiere and a premier.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our writing and our passion for genuine film criticism. We are an independent voice, confident of our own opinions. We have liked films that others have hated, and loathed filmed that others have loved. But everyone in the world would agree that Norbit is quite possibly the worst film ever made. Ever.

We aim to review as many of the major releases each week, be it at the cinema or on Bluray and DVD - or even on Digital Download, which is becoming more common. And we even dabble a bit in the worlds of television and video games - and we expect to grow in both those areas. We endeavour to do a podcast every week, as well as attend press conferences and interview those involved in the actual creation of movies whenever we can. Oh, and we also run regular competitions to give away some fantastic prizes.

So welcome to Screenjabber - we hope that you love movies as much as we do.