All Things To All Men review

Sewell as a hardnosed detective? Stephens a top-level assassin? Byrne a shady businessman cum gangster? Can't fail, right? Well, yes it can actually. Despite all the trappings of a sturdy British thriller – fast cars, gunshot wounds, double crossings and numerous London location shots, All Things To All Men misses by a mile, unfortunately.

This is chiefly down to the incomprehensible plot. It starts off well enough, with Sewell using Stephens as bait to ultimately nail Byrne, but it soon unravels into a confusing hodgepodge of cliches where it is impossible to keep track of who is doing what to whom. Character's names are bandied about with abandon, but as they are so ill defined one struggles to put the correct face to them at times.

All the actors underplay with stiff necked, murky seriousness – some of them mumble so much that one cannot comprehend what they're saying. It's competently made though, with zippy editing and atmospheric photography of the overcast grey capital, but ultimately it will leave you scratching your head in confusion, wondering what they hell it's all about. Shame, as all the elements are in place, but on this occasion nothing gels.

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