Bride Wars (DVD & Blu-ray)

Do you take this film to be your 90-minute companion? To watch and to enjoy for the duration of your union? I would suggest you answer “no”, and switch off  your television before you get tied down.

Bride Wars DVD

A chick flick/rom-com about two best friends who become two best enemies when their childhood dreams of having their weddings at the Plaza hotel come true – but the weddings are booked for the same day. Cue ensuing rivalry, dirty tricks involving an old biddy blue rinse and the You’ve Been Tangoed man and you have the ultimate Bridezillas. Emma (Hathaway) is a sweet, push-over teacher, while Liv (Hudson) is the stereotypical hard-nosed lawyer. Despite the difference in characters, the pair have always been best friends until they realise they will have to share their wedding day. The mix up that results in both weddings being planned for the same day is caused by an inept assistant to the wedding planner. Sadly, said assistant is immediately fired – I say sadly because she was (in comparison to Hudson and Hathaway) truly a comedic genius despite only having one main line – but the wedding planner fails to see her skills as I do and said assistant is told: “A word to the wise dear – and to you – don’t use me as a reference.” Yep, that’s as good as the comedy gets.

I began this review describing Bride Wars as a “rom-com”, as that was the official description, but it’s not really a comedy if you only laugh twice throughout the entire film. Really, “comedy” is stretching it a bit too far ... so actually, it’s just a rom. Oh wait, despite the film being about weddings, there wasn’t much romance, either. So it’s just a film. Hmmm. The only saving grace was that Bride Wars didn’t have a typical ending, despite the typical storyline, but most viewers will still spot the twist at the end a mile off.  Despite the premise of warring women sabotaging each other’s weddings being fodder for endless fun, Bride Wars fails to deliver. Instead, the viewer feels like he/she is biting into stale wedding cake with the sabotage scenes short and few.

A nosedive for both Hudson and Hathaway; Bride Wars has nothing unique or interesting to offer except that the relationship focus was on friendship rather than romance which made a pleasant change. But wait, I’m not completely made of stone; it was a nice film about friendship and childhood dreams – if only there weren’t so many of these films already I may have recommended it to others – but there are, so I won’t. Rent it when you next have a slumber party. Actually, the Bride of Chucky might be a better choice – after all, the point of a slumber party isn’t to actually fall asleep

EXTRAS ** Deleted scenes; a pair of improvised scenes; half a dozen behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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